Slip and Fall Injuries on Personal Property


Fall rhythms feel a little varied this year. Events might be restricted or go outdoors applying social distancing rules, you might still prepare to go to a pal’s private property. Maybe there will be pumpkin sculpting with children, a BBQ, or a fall wine review.

Things can deviate in a matter of minutes when the facilities are risky, causing regrettable injuries. At The Law Office of John Price, our sc workers compensation lawyers learn about slip and fall accidents due to slippery flooring, holes or pavement flaws, locations under building, or insufficient security preventative measures in hazardous locations, among others.

Serious Injuries Might Happen

The recovery procedure can be rather sluggish and might consist of irreversible effects. The property owner might be a buddy who is exceptionally regretful, it’s essential to think about y our own well being. Your quality of living might be impacted for an extended period of time otherwise not thought of.

What If I Suffer an Injury on Personal Property?

If you have actually been the victim of a slip and fall injury in South Carolina, contact our personal injury firm. Time is important when it concerns paperwork, as the owners might try to conceal or remedy the circumstance. Prevent gathering a “fast check” from the insurer, as it will likely not cover issues that develop down the roadway.

We’re Here to Assist

We provide a complimentary assessment and are available 24 hours a day. We have 5 practical places, with 3 South Carolina areas being totally staffed with full-time lawyers and knowledgeable assistance personnel, or we can fulfill you at your house or medical facility, with night and weekend visits offered. Call John Price Law Office, LLC at (843) 632-5672.


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